Monday, 22 August 2016

Row by Row Road Trip Day 2.

Wednesday morning I headed back to Oak Harbour to check out The Quilter's Workshop.  This is their vertical row of a tree house.  Love all the lovely details in her piece. 
 She is going to be part of the Wool Block party happening starting in October!
 A quick drive along and I spotted a mermaid bronze.
 Farther down the street these three ducks.
 A closer look at the one racing to catch up.
 And the two sightseers.
 A quick visit into an antique shop.  This almost came home with me.
 I love swan candy dishes.  My mom has one that is just glass and not cut crystal.
 I decided after many trips across the bridges at Deception Pass to stop and take some pictures.  The Arbutus trees around the island are lovely.
 Looking at the mist coming across the bridge.
 On the bridge looking across at Whidbey Island.
 Looking down and across the pass.
 Another look towards the northwest.
 Absolutely breath taking.
 Looking straight down to the rocks and currents below.
 Then onto Anacortes and Fabrics Plus.  They have a very detailed row of Fidalgo Bay.
 Some of the other quilts hanging about.
 Looking for orange fabric.  Bet they have it!
 This place is floor to ceiling packed with bolts of fabric.  They have them grouped by colour and themes.
 Bolts stack on bolts in front of bolts!
 Just down the block is In Stitches Quilt Shoppe.  They have this row to share.
 And a licence plate.
 Cute print made into an apron.
 I've seen this penguin quilt below but love how they have the display with it in the window.
 A quick trip into La Conner to find the quilt shop which was no longer there.
 So onto Mount Vernon and Calico Creation.  The fish was their row last year and Home Sweet Home this year's.
 Love these floral collage appliques.
 Lots of neutrals and brights.
 A huge selection of Kaffe Fasset, I think they just got in a new shipment of fabrics.
 More fabric collages.
 Love that sea horse one and the owl is rather cute.
 Black and Whites?
 Some of their wool selection. I spy a Buttermilk Basin piece Live Simply.
 Wool applique patterns.
 More wool and patterns along with some threads and books.
 Hard to get to some of the fabrics with all the bolts in front.
 Part of their $7.00 clearance fabrics.
 More sale fabrics...
 And their super sale fabrics at $4.00 a yard!
 Here is the stash report.  The blue fabric is wool and I've been looking for rocks and landscape fabrics. from The Quilters Workshop.
 Fabrics Plus I got more of the one rock fabric but also in a second colour way.
 From In Stitches I got this Kaffe Fasset pink, I've not seen this print in pink before and the Easter fabric was a clearance one.
 The Calico Creations clearance section I got the last of the feathers along with the turquoise and green print.  The Kaffe Fasset cabbage rose is a print I missed when it first came out so I'm glad they have reprinted it.
Later I met up with a friend and planned a special visit with her to be shared later.  Enjoy your week!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Row by Row Road Trip Day 1.

Tuesday morning I left drive down to the Seattle and Olympic area to search out a few of the rows I liked from the on line pictures.  Little did I know that getting over the bridges from New Westminster was going to be the most trying portion of the drive.  I left to drive over the Queensborough Bridge, my closest and fastest route to the border crossing.  I no sooner turned left and came to a complete stop barely clearing the intersection!  Then I basically sat in the same spot inching along for about ten minutes.  I decided to go into the lane that goes under the bridge and approach it from the other direction.  Traffic in that lane was stopped a few hundred metres beyond.  Plan C was to head over to the Pattulo Bridge which is undergoing re-paving and only has one lane in each direction.  Eureka!  No lineup but slow going due to the construction.  In the end I got to the border about 15 minutes later than usual.

My first stop was in Stanwood at Cotton Pickins' to pick up this cute row.
 This was their row last year that I forgot to photograph.
 Next stop was Pacific Fabrics in Bellevue.  There are four shops in this chain that are independently owned.  The Bellevue row is the top one.
 Over to Quiltworks also in Bellevue for this cute row.  They don't allow photos inside their shop.
 I then decided to head over to the Olympic Peninsula and went to Harbour Quilt Garden, last year it was called Quilt Revolution but now has new owners.
 This beauty is a BOM found behind the cash/cutting table.
 Love their signage and the welcome pennants in the window.  Little did I know that Anna and Greg from Woolie Mammoth blog were on a boat cruising the bay!  We were planning on meeting up in La Conner the next day.
Next stop was at Bremerton Pacific Fabrics where I picked up the row with the Sasquatch.
 Onto one of my favourite shops on the Olympic Peninsula The Quilted Strait.  This is a version of Bird Dance with a different border option and done on black.  Love the look of this.  Last year I met Ann who was working on her version in black.  Click here to see her blocks in progress and other pictures from that visit.
 This is their row for 2016, love the dotty borders around each lighthouse.
 They have some wonderful quilts on display.
 They also carry lots of stitchery supplies.
 I might have to invest in these Salem Witches Guild piece by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Design Studio.
 The Houses were 2014 and the trees 2015 rows.
 Love how they hung this one around the corner.
 Many years ago I started Welcome to The North Pole by A Piece O'Cake.  Must dig it out.
 A Quiltmania piece on my to do list.
 Lots of embroidery/embellishing threads.
 A wool corner.
 This is a look from the exterior.  Make sure to do a side trip if you are on the peninsula!
 My last stop for the day was Union Fabrics in Port Townsend.  Love the primitive look to this piece.
 Here is the stash report.  Loved these French ladies.
 Sorry nothing to spark my interest at Bellevue Pacific Fabrics.
 But I scored big at Quiltworks, found one of Sue Spargo Peacock kits.  I was disappointed when she didn't offer it to us when she came to Vancouver last time.  Now I can make my own!
 At Harbour Quits Garden I found a fun Kaffe Fasset stripe, some white grunge and this other interesting print that spoke to me.
 Bremerton Pacific Fabrics I found these fun mustard birds by Cotton and Steel.
 A black on black along with two indigo prints and I got the Houses from 2014 and this year's row.
 From Union Fabrics I got another indigo print and a black and white leaf fabric.
I took the ferry across from Port Townsend, my car Karma wasn't working I missed by three cars getting on the 5:15 ferry and had to wait an hour and a half for the next one.  Then my motel Karma failed...sorry not paying US$180 for one person.  So finally just after 9 p.m. I found a motel in Burlington and snuggled in for the night.