Monday, 17 July 2017

Quilters' Affair Dinner Friday Night.

On Friday night the Quilters' Affair Dinner was held at the High School in Sisters.  Previously it has been held outside in the park.  Last year it rained so they moved it into the school. I met up with Lori of Humble Quilts.  In fact I borrowed this picture she took of her, myself, Carrie and Michelle from her blog.  It was a bit windy, almost gale force winds waiting outside for the doors to open.  Inside approximately 800 quilt enthusiasts, teachers and supporters sat down to an amazing dinner by Tate and Tate catering.
 We then moved into the auditorium for a showing of the quilts made by the staff of the Stitchin' Post and have Jean Wells tell us some of their stories.  This one was made by Jean's sister June Jaeger.
 I'm sorry I don't recall who made this colourful row of houses.  As you can see my view was a bit occluded by AV equipment.  But they were all paraded right in front of us for a quick close look.
 The featured speaker for the evening was Joe Cunningham who opened with a self written song.
 If you ever get a chance to hear him sing and speak.  Take it!
 He went on to describe how he got into quilting and learning the traditional rules so you can break them and create what you want.
 I'm sorry I don't recall all his stories as he had you in stitches most of the time and not able to take notes.

 Eucalyptus leave applique.
 Bias interpretation of a Lone Star.
 Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.  Men on left Women on right.

 I believe this was the quilt depicting some events regarding Russia and people taking over a building.  Quilted images included people sleeping in sleeping bags and other events related to the story.
 Joe and Luke Haynes did quilts in each others style.  Luke makes a lot of self portraits of himself and famous people.
 A slightly better shot.

 Showing a digitized computer long arm program he designed.
 Finishing off the evening with a song.
Back to Anna's to watch the evening sky over the Sisters' Mountains.
 An hour later, almost time for bed and new adventures at the quilt show on Saturday.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Day 2 continuing down I-5 checking out quilt shops and arriving at my final destination.

After spending the night in Salem I continued south along I-5 to Springfield and went to a favourite shop called Something To Crow About.  My mom and I used to take road trips to California and this was one of her favourite shops to visit.  Mom isn't up to road trips but this is still a great place to visit.
 Love the Row by Row that Kennette Boltzer designed.  She bought the store in 2002 from the previous owner when she retired.
 The shop is just filled with inspiration everywhere you look.  So difficult to make a choice. I did get her wonderful Wool Block from the Autumn Row by Row event but forgot to take a picture of her sample.

She was also involved with the first issue of Quilt Folk, the magazine I found last month while I was in Spokane.
 The first issue focuses on Oregon and the second one on Ohio.  She told me that the Hawaii issue is out and the fourth will be Tennessee

I love the combination of wood and brick flooring in the shop.
 Lots of patterns on display.
 Kennette ringing in my purchase. I'm sure if you see anything you can contact her at her shop by clicking on this link.
 Notice she even has samples hanging on the ceiling!
 Love this shop banner.
 This would be perfect for a little boy named Silas I know Anna!
 She has crows tucked all over the shop.
 Each time I come I photograph this lovely wool and cotton piece.
 Lots of wool patterns.
 And not only pre-cuts but you can see bolts of wool below.
 Next stop was Piece By Piece across I-5 in Eugene.  She has all her previous row by rows in a row.
 Last year she had a sample of the raindrops, Home and the trees along with the trailer pattern.  It was so cute I went back to get the trailer pattern this year.
Here is her sample of just the trailers. If you see anything you like here is a link to the shop.
 Love exposed brick in buildings.
 So many lovely colours.
 Too many choices.
 Love the X quilt in the corner.
 Lots of notions for sale.
 Inviting green quilt in the large classroom area.
 Love these dancing tin men.
 Great Elizabeth Hartman designs.
 I believe his name was Ken, he sewed up this lovely blue and green quilt on display.  He was working in the shop and had recently moved up from Arizona.
 A little closer view of the quilt and lovely batiks they have.
 Back into the car and a quick trip back up I-5 to The Quilt Loft in Albany.  They have some lovely laser cut patterns if you feel you can't cut the pattern out yourself.  I believe the runners are their junior row by row block. Here is a link if you want to order anything from The Quilt Loft.
 Perfect license plate to go with their row.
 Love the white against this wonderful colours.
 Bold zigzag quilt.
 This looks like it may have used a twister technique for the hear.
 Back in Salem I found that Whitlock.s Sewing and Vacuum has now started to carry fabric.  The store has been around for 67 years!  I guess when Greenbaum's closed they decided to add fabrics for they sewing machine buyers.  Love how they included the August 21 eclipse to their row theme.
 They quickly sold out of their license plate but had an over sized on to share.
 A few of their samples.  Here is a link to their website.
 Their fabric selection is small but has some lovely items.
 Another newer store is Discover Quilting.  They've been open for about 17 months.  They have some lovely locally dyed wool for sale.  Here is a link to their webpage.
 Some batiks.
 Love their hot air balloon over a sail boat row.
 They have some lovely samples.
 This is a raffle quilt they are selling tickets on for an Autumn show.
 They have a nice selection of some of the modern leaning fabrics.
 An overview of their shop as you enter and leave.  I'll be back hopefully next year.
 Here was my final destination for the day Sisters Oregon as I'm heading into town.
 The view out of Anna's living room watching the sky change in the evening.
 About 50 minutes later.
 My special spot in her guess room for the next few night.  We went to the Friday Evening dinner and then lecture with Joe Cunningham.  Pictures on Monday and then the Quilt Show Saturday to follow.