Saturday, 3 December 2016

It's December?

Thursday I went out for breakfast at my favourite restaurant on the Quay Angelina's.  Afterwards I went for a bit of a walk and checked out the flora and fauna.  This is my friend Rita's Beauty Berry.  I'm always amazed at the lovely colour it is and how stark the branches are with the pops of colour.
 Some of the clusters are quite full.
 Others are more shaded.
 I usually remember to take photos in January and they are less of the berries to be seen.
 Love the how random the branches and berry clusters are.
 Would you believe her ever bearing Strawberry plant is still producing fruit?
 A few doors down I saw this shelf lichen growing on some wood.
 Another larger cluster of this lichen.
 Not sure what this is but it is pretty.  New Westminster City gardeners have some very eclectic plants that they put on display.
 Both the red and the pink bush roses are trying to put out flowers with some success.
 The pink ones seem more successful, they often bloom into January here along the Fraser River.
 An Azalea still putting a few blooms out.
 Pincushion daisies here and there.
 These Rhododendrons bloom in February and September but this on has a wonky clock.
 Ornamental Kale grows throughout the winter getting very long stocks by February.
 We are still having a lot of rain.  I think we had 27/30 days in November and 28/31 in October!
 Pampas Grass against the grey cloudy skies.
 Even though New Westminster is a city we have all different types of visitors and the Coyotes are often seen wandering the boardwalk early in the morning and late at night.
 Most of our trees are now without leaves as we've had several windy days with all the rain we've had.
 This little guy was all along singing a song.
We may have snow by Saturday night, there is a lot already in the mountains and some expected to fall in the city by Monday...stay tuned.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Putting the Layers Together...

After a several month break from working on my Bird Dance Blocks I decided to return to them after finishing my Sue Spargo needlecase.  First I added the cotton appliques and then start with the background stitching.  I reversed the shape of the crescent moon.
 Block number 20 cotton and background stitching done.
 Block 21 ready for the wool applique.
 I then stitch down all the wool applique with Aurifil Lana Wool, I don't like using fusibles on wool
 Love how they are starting to look.
 This is block 19 of 30.
 I then added the cotton layers and then finally the embellished stitches.
 Bullion knots for legs and feet and along the chest and whipped woven circles.
 Long Drizzle stitches for the head piece and woven picots for the beak.  The bird is outlined with the Scroll stitch.
 I like how he looks back at the Crescent moon.
 Number 20 with all the applique and embellishment stitching.
 Longer Picot beak and Drizzle stitches for the head top knot. Eyelet stitches on the circles and outline stitch around the bird and head applique.
 Pretty leaf background design.
 Closer look at the Eyelet stitch circles.
 Bird number 21.
 Long Bullion Loops for the top knot and woven backstitch around the bird.  Along the wing I left some of the woven threads a bit longer to look like feathers being fluffed up.
 Drizzle Stitches along the tail and Bullion Roses.
 My first Bullion Roses, very please how they worked up.
 My Instagram collage I shared.  If you want to check out my instagram feed click here. My screen name is shhdesigns1
Time to start on Birds 22-24.  I'm two thirds done.  Thirty in all and then the borders.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sue Spargo Needle Case Complete!

Here is my finished needle case.  Tuesday I felt like I was getting a cold so I didn't go to my guild meeting.  I stayed home and finished off my piece.
 Here is a picture from the April 2016 Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting magazine where you can find the pattern.
 I laid mine beside and you can see I stitched mine facing to the right.
 Here is my back and a picture of the one in the magazine open and the back view.
 I decided to add some pockets to the inside front and back cover and use yellow and white acrylic felt for the pages.  I find they hold needles and pins nicely.
 Some new needles in packages in the back, my snips, a pencil, Clover liquid Chalk marker and some Olfa serrated scissors in the front pocket.
 I put some Renaissance ribbon and some of the lining fabric on the back.
 I added some of my longer needles that I use for big drizzle stitches along with #1 Milliners needles.  The other pages will have some applique needles, betweens, other needles and some pins in them.
I was so inspired I started three more of my long neglected Bird Dance blocks. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching and some slow Freebie Stitching.

Several months ago I cut out pieces for a needle case designed by Sue Spargo in Better Home and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting April 2016 edition.  As often happens it got put aside while I decided what to use for a background.  Well on Sunday morning I finally made a choice to use a recycled wool I found in a skirt at a Value Village Thrift shops several years ago.  Here are all the pieces stitched down and ready to be embellished.

Just after midnight I finished stitching everything and now have to put it together.  I've a couple of ideas to change the inside a bit rather than just put some pages for needles inside.
 Pekingese stitch using orange back stitch and magenta for loops.  Yellow drizzle stitches around a velvet centre.
 Bullion knots around the velvet and wool applique and pistil stitch on the rickrack.

Palestrina knot stitches around the outline of the body and also for the legs.

More drizzle stitches on the tail.
 Here are some of the freebies I stitched during the week. This first one I found awhile ago on All People Quilt it was designed by Reets Rags to Riches.  I used the moon and star but drew my own cat.  It is meant to be made into a triangle basket/pennant but I decided to use this Halloween star print.
 This is a cute piece from Cheri Paynes Quilts by Cheri Friends page on Facebook. She offers some of her older patterns if you like her page.
 A detail of the pumpkin basket crow is carrying.
 This crow with pumpkin and acorn were part of Stacy West's Halloween Bash Blog Hop. If you go to each day you will find links for fun projects. This one was found here.
 Debbie from Wooden Spools designed Frankie as a Halloween Pouch, Here he is on the orange stars. You can find the link on Stacy's page here along with some great Halloween treat recipes each day.
 This next designs was shared by my friend Paulette from Sweet P Quilting and Designs. She has been making a lot of seasonal pillows. Mine still needs some eyes, I say he is blinking from the flash when I took his picture.
 From Calico Moon we got a cute Sugar Skull mini quilt done in purples and oranges.  I decided to opt for the more traditional colours and use this fun spooky crow and chandelier print I have instead.
 Cathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms designed a cute pumpkin and spider treat bag.
 Rather than stitch his spider's legs I used a mini rick rack for them.
 Stacy also shared designs by Plum Cute Designs, a lovely stitchery project and from Ali Strebel a stuffed black cat which I've not made either.  To finished up the blog hop Stacy made an owl pin that once again I found a cute Halloween print to put him on.
 I was playing with the projects on Saturday night and am thinking I might make them into either a Halloween mini quilt or I may make some into pillows.  Still thinking on it.  What would you do with theses?  If I make a quilt I would add some of my own ideas for the blank pieces of fabrics.

Enjoy your week of stitching.